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Red Tag Travels Affiliate Program Packages

Are you thinking of starting your own travel agency business from home? The travel industry has propelled into a trillion Business despite the fluctuating economy. Its steady growth is telling us that today is the best time to be part of this industry. Starting a home-based business is a fun way to earn and give your household financial freedom in the future. The business is easy as we will layout the blueprint to you, plan with you, guide you and continuously provide you world class trainings for the growth of your business.

Red Tag offers two (2) budget friendly affiliate packages to suit your business needs. Whether you are a start up or an existing travel agency, there is an option available for you.


You might find some of your questions and their answers too, here.

1. How will I acquire customers?

We will be teaching you digital marketing in dedicated training seminars. We will also be teaching you online and offline strategies through regularly updated modules.

2. If the client purchased tickets from us, should I be the one sending their paperless tickets or will it be automatically sent?

It will be automatic.

3. Can you promise ROI?

No. It will solely depend on the effort that you put into your travel agency. This is primarily down to your marketing and like any other business, your customer service- ensuring loyalty and returning customers.

4. How long until I’m operational?

After the training, providing you have your logo, DTI permit and colour scheme ready, you will be in business within a month.

5. Service fee charged per booking or per person?

A service fee can be charged per person, this is what making group bookings so attractive for travel agencies.

6. Will I need to spend more money in order to make money through your affiliate program?

No. The price you see is the price of our package which includes everything you need to fully operate your travel agency.

7. Are there hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. The only fees that you must account for are the logo (starter package) and DTI permit.

8. Why are you better than the competition?

We are not franchising, we are selling our technology at a highly discounted price to ensure customer loyalty. A website alone would cost between 35 and 60,000 pesos. Many of our competitors either don’t offer a website or sell at much higher prices for a website of inferior quality and detail.

9. Why can’t I pay after the training/ how will I know if this is for me?

We charge the full price before training for a number of reasons. By ensuring full payment before program details are distributed, we are protecting our program’s assets and benefits above our competitors. The training seminars are also of high expenditure for the company; receiving full payment beforehand means we can book venues, trainers and all other expenses.

10. How can you assure us that after settling the amount in full that we can still reach you from time to time?

We’ve specifically employed live chat support assistant specialists who will operate around the clock to ensure that you’re never left in the dark. We will constantly update you on the status of any queries you may have. You will also be assigned an account executive that you can call any time and they will glad to help.

11. How does Red Tag’s lifetime customer support work?

To ensure that our affiliates are always operating at the highest standard, we operate around the clock to cater to our affiliates needs for as long as they are bound in contract with Red Tag.

12. How long does the contract with Red Tag last?

Lifetime, no expiration.

13. Aside for service fees from booking flights, will you charge service fees for the other services you offer?

No, but you will be supplied with Red Tag’s base price. At this point you will be free to make your mark-up at your own discretion.

14. Are domestic airfares on the system cheaper than what has published on their website?

Prices fluctuate but Cebu Pacific for example charges a web admin fee of 450 pesos. You can compete with this price by giving much smaller mark ups

15. Can I create my own tour packages? Will this be taught during the training as well?

Yes. We encourage our affiliates to be creative, branch out and to create their own packages. We offer over 100 packages at this moment in time to get you started.

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